Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Carly was amazing all round supporting me right up until my pass. Could not recommend Carly enough! The LDC workbook was also useful at supporting my journey. Thank you again Carly!

Enjoyed my lessons with Carly over the last few months. Glad to have her as an Instructor, felt comfortable. Would definitely recommend. Look forward to seeing her out on the roads.

From the first lesson Carly has always made me feel comfortable and like there was no pressure. She always explained things very well and made sure I knew what I was doing. I highly recommend her. She is amazing. The book is also very helpful.

Maddie Maddie
Amazing Instructor, helped me with anything I needed help with and never made me doubt myself. She has such a bubbly and happy attitude which always made me enjoy my lessons and stay calm. Anytime I made mistakes she would make sure to help me and correct them, she would never shout or make me panic. The LDC workbook really helped me gain my confidence with my show me tell me questions and driving on the road overall. Great Instructor.

Carly is a supportive Instructor giving me the time and reassurance I needed. Each lesson I developed both confidence and skills.

Carly has been exceptional. I could not have asked for a more supportive and helpful Instructor. Lessons have been a joy and have been personalised to fit my learning needs. I shall miss our time together.

Carly was amazing , patient and understanding. She took her time with me and worked on my worries and roundabouts. I couldn’t thank Carly enough for all the support she has given me. I would recommend Carly 100%. A massive thank you.

Carly has been amazing. I changed my Instructor after two years, I needed to work on my confidence and other things. From the get go she believed in me and kept reminding I can do this. I couldn’t recommend her any more, she is amazing. She listens, she cares and makes sure your safe.

My Instructor Carly made me feel completely at ease, made sure I was 100% ready for my test. Every lesson I felt like I had made progress each time. Day of the test I felt ready and confident and she has helped massively with my driving.

Carly has been an incredibly helpful instructor in my time learning with her. There is never any doubt in anything she teaches and all questions about manoeuvres answered with certain clarity. She has a fun but very safe environment in the car at all times and as a learner I have never felt stressed or concerned.

Passed 1st time
Carly was amazing,highly supportive, extremely informative. Very friendly. Always made sure I was comfortable and happy with the lesson plans and what to do better next time. Would highly recommend, forever grateful for the pass !

Passed 1st time
Absolutely perfect, loved every moment of getting in the car with Carly. I passed first time and expected nothing less with the skills and knowledge that I was passed with. I highly recommend her for your driving and have had a very pleasant experience.

Passed 1st Time
Absolutely amazing instructor! If I could give 6 stars I would. So friendly and informative in every aspect. 100% recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive. Carly makes The Dream Team, when it comes to learning to drive. Always makes it easy to understand and her methods of training are high standard.

Outstanding Pass
Thank you isn’t enough to say to Toby and Carly, I have been on such a long, hard and emotional journey to try and get my driving license. And when I was told about Toby and Carly I was so thankful that they could find the time, dedication to make my dream come true. They both have been much an amazing instructors that I will forever be grateful. I told them my goals and they guided and supported me through to the moment of finally getting me through the finishing line. If anyone out there that needs a consistent and incredible teacher then look no further then these to amazing people! TOBY & CARLY